A candidate interview questionnaire is a document which is used to interview a candidate who is sitting for any interview. These interview questionnaires can be either job interview ones or interviews which help a person to get through an educational institution. Any such document must consist of questions which are meant to judge and test the capabilities and strengths of the candidate and must be directly related to the topic.

Sample Candidate Interview Questionnaire:

Name of the candidate: _________________

Age of the candidate: ___________________

Gender of the candidate: _______________

Contact number of the candidate: ______________

Address of the candidate: ________________

Email address of the candidate: ______________

Kindly answer the following questions which will or will not help you to get through this academic institute:

Q1. Where did you complete your schooling from?


Q2. Why do you want to enter our institute?


Q3. Are you involved in any co curricular activities other than studies?


Q4. So what are your strengths or points of academic importance?


Q5. What are your future goals?


Q6. Do you think this institute will help you to achieve your dreams and goals?


Q7. Would you like to tell us about your weaknesses and how you plan to work on them?


Q8. Do you live close to the institute building or would you have to take up the hostel facility if selected?


Q9.Would you like to talk about your favourite subjects?


Q10. We see a list of awards on your CV. Please tell us about your other credentials?