A business travel survey questionnaire is one that helps to identify the travel pattern followed by people who undertake travel for business purpose. The questionnaire is important to identify the modes of transport opted for business travel along with assessing the future prospects of the same. Apart from this the questionnaire is also helpful for companies to manage costs and various aspects related to business travel as well.

Sample Business travel survey questionnaire

Name of the business traveler – __________________________

Address of the business traveler – __________________________

Contact no of the business traveler – _________________________

Email id of business traveler – _________________________

1. What is the mode of business travel that you usually undertake?

a. Air

b. Road

c. Rail

d. Others pl specify ________________

2. Do you normally travel short distances or long distances on account of business?

a. Long distance travel

b. Short distance travel

3. Does your mode of travel option depend on the distance traveled by you?

a. Yes

b. No

4. Do you have a budget for business travel?

a. Yes

b. No

5. What steps do you take to keep your business travel costs under control?

a. Compare fares of mode of travel before hand

b. Undertake travel only when absolutely necessary for business

c. Take up cheapest mode of travel

d. Preplan travel to get best deal

6. What are the things you will look at when undertaking business travel?

a. Safety and security

b. Better service

c. Convenience

d. Cost to company

7. How many trips do you undertake on account of business travel in a year?

a. 1 – 5

b. 5 – 10

c. 10 – 15

d. More than 15 in a year

8. Do you always look for business travel deals that offer a combination of travel and stay together?

a. Yes

b. No

9. What is the mode of payment you choose to make for a business travel?

a. Cash

b. Credit card

c. Business vouchers

d. Others pl specify ______________