A business system analyst questionnaire is one that is sought from a candidate appearing for interview for the position of systems analyst. The role of a system analyst is to examine the various systems and procedures followed in an organization and suggest methods to improve it. The questionnaire helps to understand the technical and communication skills of a business system analyst who can help achieve profitability and growth for the organization in the long run.

Sample Business System Analyst Questionnaire

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1.  Can you define a business system?


2.  What are the features of a business system and how do you integrate it with other systems in an organization?


3.  What are different kinds of specialized systems that are available in business system analysis?


4.  Can you through some light on the different business analysis models that you are aware of?


5.  Do you think there is a correlation between the complex systems that exist in an organization?





6.  Do you feel that systems analysis and systems design are one and the same?


7.  Can you give an example of one analysis you have conducted as a business systems analyst during your association with your previous company?


8.  As a business systems analyst what are the various activities you have handled previously?

a)  Capture data

b)  Updating of existing files

c)  Preparation of reports

d)  Information flow in the organization

e)  All of the above

9.  What do you think are the most important steps in a business system implementation from the following steps?

a)  Systems designing for the new business

b)  New data capture procedure

c)  Operating procedures for new business

d)  Business equipment to be used

e)  Individual roles of staff in the business model