A business requirements questionnaire is formulated to gauge just what is needed in a business. This is usually done for purposes of ensuring that whatever is designed for use in a business meets the specific needs of an organization. The questionnaires differ according to the business type. Overall, the questionnaire helps business owners discover, analyze, define and document requirements related to specific business objectives in their organization. At the end of the survey, a business owner is able to clearly define the business requirements, which he can then use as a basis to formulate a project that will precisely meet the objectives of the business.

Below is a sample business requirements questionnaire

Business Name




Q1. Is the main business sponsor an internal player or external player? __________

Q2. Who has the final say about any project scope conducted in the organization? ________

Q3. Who will use any solutions, services or products developed in the business?

Q4.  Is it necessary to consider the input of the product or service? ______

If yes, what will you do to gather and incorporate their input?


Q6. What do the different stakeholders want from your business?


Q7.Have you carried out a detailed survey to establish what each of the business stakeholders hopes to achieve through the businesses? ________

If so, how did you achieve stakeholder responses?

?Through building prototypes

?Focus groups and joint interviews

?Individual stakeholder interviews

?Through “Use Cases”

Q8. Have you defined the basic business scope to all stakeholders to avoid disappointing them when some of their expected functionalities are not met? ________