A business questionnaire format will assist those who want to come up with a business questionnaire to do so easily. A business questionnaire format should therefore be accurate in detailing the flow of questions and show how to get the best answers from those who will answer the questions. A good business questionnaire should not be too long and should not include questions that are too difficult or complex to answer in a short period of time. This will make people answer the questions in a rush and inaccurately. Below is a good example of a business questionnaire format.

Sample Business Questionnaire Format

Below is a set of questions that are related to business. The answers you provide will help in valuable research. Therefore, please fill in all the questions as honestly as possible.

Do you like business?


Use this key to rate your answers

  1. Excellent, 2- good, 3- average, 4- poor, 5- very poor

Rate your understanding of the term “business”


Rate the way in which your government handles its business


Rate the overall way in which you handle your business.

Excellent: ___________

Good: _____________

Average: _____________

Poor: _______________

Very poor: _____________

What do you think the future of business is?


Do you think that business has been improved by the use of the internet?


Electronic commerce has grown popular over the years. Do you think it is a safe way of doing business transactions?


Is international business safe in modern society?


What do you think is the most popular business?