Business planning questionnaire can be regarded as an essential tool which can be used to analyze the business plans of an individual or organization and in assessing their capabilities to handle the business they are planning to start. These questionnaires are very helpful in assessing the viability and success factors of any business plan.

Sample Business Planning Questionnaire:

Name of the participant


Address of the participant


Phone number _______________   E-mail ID _____________

Q1.  Why do you want to initiate a business?


Q2. Are you already into business or would this be your pilot business venture?


Q3. What kind of business are you planning to start?


Q4. What are your business objectives and goals?


Q5. Do you have any working experience in this sector or industry? If yes, kindly fill in the following details

Brief overview about your experience,  _____________________

How much experience do you have?  ________________________________

Tell us something about the designations on which you have worked in this industry ___________________

Briefly mention your job responsibilities __________________________

Q6. What initiatives would you take to make your business venture financially successful?


Q7. What are your investment plans for this business venture?


Q8. Do you believe marketing plays an important role in the success of a business? If yes, what are your marketing strategies?


Q9. According to you, which department in any business organization is most important and contributes most in the success of the organization?


Q10. What resources do you have, which will help you in achieving success in your business?