A business motivation questionnaire is one that is used to understand the factors that act as a motivation for a business person to run the business. The questionnaire helps in effectively arriving at the primary aims of the business person along with the challenges faced by him in maintaining the levels of motivation to continue the business. It is an ideal way of assessing the pulse of the business entrepreneur in sustaining the business despite all odds faced over a period of time.

Sample Business Motivation Questionnaire

Name of the business company

Name of the entrepreneur/owner

Address of the business company

Contact number of the business company

Email address of the business company

Website address of the business company

1.  What are the goals that you have for your business?


2.  Can you please provide a reason for you to start this business?


3.  Do you have all the strategies in place that are necessary for running the business successfully?


4.  What do you think are the most important factors in running a business profitably from the following factors?



a)  Employees

b)  Marketing techniques

c)  Investment

d)  Availability of resources for running the business

e)  Other important factors not specified above

5.  What are the challenges that you face as a business person to sustain the business in the short term and also in the long term?


6.  Is your company able to maintain the overhead costs that are incurred in its functioning?


7.  Do you reinvest your profits into expanding your business like many leading business establishments do?


8.  What are the major driving factors that help you feel motivated to continue the business even with many problems being faced in its running?

a)  Freedom to work according to individual patterns

b)  Flexibility of time and business decisions

c)  Being one’s own boss

d)  Returns matching the efforts