Business marketing questionnaire is an integral requirement of both offline and online businesses. This type of questionnaire reveals information related to marketing strategies and business plans and their implementation and results. This information is essential to the current and future growth of an organization.

Business Marketing Questionnaire Sample

Name of the Organization ________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________ City: _________________________

State: ___________________  Zip: _________________Telephone: ____________________

Website: ______________________________  Email: _______________________________

Questionnaire filled by: _________________________________ Date: ____//____//______

Q1. What is the mission and vision of your organization?

Q2. Does your organization have a clear brand visibility?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q3. Which of the following marketing collaterals are being currently used for branding?

a)   Letterhead

b)   Business card

c)   Brochure

d)   Flyer

e)   Logo Bags

f)    Logo caps

g)   Website

h)   Product booklet

Q4. Which of the following business information is provided in marketing collaterals?

a)   Name of business

b)   Logo of business

c)   Website and email

d)   Product or service offered

e)   Physical address of the business

f)    Phone numbers

Q5. Which of the following marketing strategies have been implemented?

a)   Market dominance strategies

b)   Porter generic strategies

c)   Innovation strategies

d)   Growth strategies

Q6. Have these strategies provided desired results?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q7. Which of the following have been considered for creating marketing model?

a)   Focus

b)   Geography and industry scope

c)   Objective

d)   Input to the marketing model

e)   Type of model

f)    Output of the model

Q8. Which of the following marketing mix components have been taken into consideration?

a)   Market segmentation

b)   Positioning

c)   New product

d)   Product line decisions

e)   Pricing

f)    Promotion

g)   Distribution

h)   Advertising

i)     Sales

Q9. How is your current marketing strategy driving growth?


Q10. What changes are required in your current marketing strategy?