A Business management questionnaire consists of information pertaining to various resources, processes, employees, and development within the organization. Business management questionnaires help organizations to identify the current management pattern and what changes are required for the future.

Business Management Questionnaire Sample

Name of the Organization ________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________ City: _________________________

State: ___________________  Zip: _________________Telephone: ____________________

Website: ______________________________  Email: _______________________________

Name of the business manager: ____________________________________________________

Q1. What is the current organizational growth percentage? ________________

Q2. Is this growth satisfactory? Yes / No

Q3. Which of the following will enable better performance of organization?

a)   Sound planning and strategy

b)   Research and development

c)   Marketing and promotion

d)   Better employee strength

e)   Streamlined business process

Q4. Which of the following strategies have been initiated in the organization?

a)   Planning processes

b)   Involvement in processes

c)   Engagement with employees

d)   Measurement of performance

e)   Reward for employees

Q5. Which of the following functions are performed in your organization?

a)   Marketing Planning

b)   Sales

c)   Brand building

d)   Processing

e)   Research and Development

f)    Underwriting

g)   Administration

h)   Human Resources

i)     Compliance

j)    Employee training

k)   Others (pls specify): ________________________________________________

Q6. What is the employee strength of the company?

a)   Directors / CEO’s

b)   Middle management executives

c)   Managers

d)   Team leaders

e)   Representatives

Which level of management implements policies and strategies?

a)   Top level managers

b)   Middle level managers

c)   First level managers

Q7. What are the various reward programs for employees?


Q8. Which of the following organization resources are being used to full potential?

a)   Policies and procedures

b)   Business processes

c)   Employees

d)   Infrastructure

e)   Machinery / Equipments

Q9. What has been the progress of the company vis-à-vis plans and strategies implemented?


Q10. What is the percentage of business growth expected in the next 5 years?

a)   1% – 5%

b)   6% – 25%

c)   26% – 49%

d)   50% – 70%

e)   71%  or more