A business leadership questionnaire is a document that establishes the efficiency of a particular individual as a perfect leader, from the business perspective. Leadership skills need to be inculcated in oneself based on experience and practice, but the proper presentation of the said skills also depends on the understanding of the specific industry.

Hence, business leadership is an important concept and should not be explained in general sense – the leadership traits need to be present and exhibited in a manner that justifies the purpose of the business and aids its effective operation. The questionnaire must contain such questions that help bring out the proper characteristics and help assess the effectiveness of the individual’s leadership in the business.

Business Leadership Questionnaire Sample

Business known as: ________________

Date of establishment: _________

Address Line 1: _______________________

Address Line 2: _______________________

Contact number: _________________                                    Email address: ________________


Leaders in the business [in order of designation]:

  • [Name of person 1]                    [designation]                     [contribution to business]


  • [Name of person 2]                    [designation]                     [contribution to business]


  • [Name of person 3]                    [designation]                     [contribution to business]


  • ________________                    ____________                 ________________________


  • ________________                    ____________                 ________________________


Q: How do you perceive of the traits in the leaders, at various levels?


Q: Do you think the leadership skills are being properly portrayed?

  • Yes definitely
  • Somewhat okay
  • No, very poor

Suggestions: __________________

Q: Has there been any change in leadership recently? If yes, how has that change affected the business?


Q: How would you describe the leadership, as per the various characteristics it needs to depict?

  • Motivation: _____________________


  • Understanding of subordinate’s point of view: __________________


  • Proper explanation of ideas and concepts: __________________


  • Effective management of groups: ____________________


  • Interest towards each member: ___________________


  • Empathy: _____________________


  • Technical skills: __________________________


  • Ability to influence: _______________________


  • Emotional Quotient: ____________________


Q: Would you like to suggest any alterations in the leadership model of this business? Kindly explain your views.