A business intelligence questionnaire gauges a business owner’s or the business manager’s knowledge about the market and competition. Knowledge about the prevailing preferences, trends and dislikes in the market is essential for any business owner who hopes to remain competitive. Having first-hand information about the strategies that competitors are engaging in further gives the business owner the ideas necessary to formulate his or her own counter-strategies.  The business intelligence questionnaire contains both open and close-ended questions meant to help the business owner identify his or her weak spots in market intelligence as well as his/her ability to understand the competition. Below is a sample questionnaire:

Business Name_________________________

Q1. Do you have knowledge of current activities about your competitors? __________

Q2. Do you have the profiles of any new business entrant seeking to play in the same market segment as you? _________

Q3. Have you been able to fully utilize emerging technologies for purposes of your organization’s way of doing business? __________

If so, please specify_____________________________

Q4. How does your use of technology measure against your main competitors?

?We are way ahead of them

?We are neck to neck with them

?They are slightly ahead of them

?They are far more ahead of us

Q5. What does your organization do to ensure that it has all the necessary market intelligence necessary to gauge competition? ____________________

Q6. Do employees realize the value of business intelligence? _________

Q7. Do you encourage your clients to give your organization feedback regarding the quality, price, packaging or placement of your products and services? ___________

Q8. Does your business have information regarding legislative trends or any pending legislation that will affect the business? ____________________

Q9. How do you ensure that a product will be accepted in a specific market before launching it? ______________________