The business impact analysis questionnaire is meant to help an organization assess its risks through identifying the critical business procedures that it needs to undertake. The questionnaire also helps the business to identify potential losses or damages that may occur to an organization if its critical business sectors are disrupted. Through the questionnaire, the management in an organization is able to use the right recovery facilities, as well as employing the appropriate business resources in the daily running of the business in order to ensure continuity. One of the greatest uses of such a questionnaire is identifying the impact of insufficient business processes. Below is a sample questionnaire:

Business Name________________________

Date ________________________________

(Use YES or NO answers to Questions 1-3)

Q1. Is this business duly registered?  ______

Q2. Have all past tax returns been filed successfully? ______

Q3. Does the business meet or the set standards and regulations set in the industry? ______

Q4. What are the potential places that the business can loose revenue?


Q5. What has been done to cover such risks?


Q6. What are the potential avenues where this business can loose its credibility?


Q7. Are the areas mentioned in (Q6) above well covered to guard the company against such risks?  Yes?  No?

Q8. What are the business’  competitors doing to capture a bigger market segment?


Q9. What is this business doing to beat off such actions by the competitors?


Q10. What is the staffing condition of the business?

Adequate?   Lacking?

Fair?    Poor?