A business continuity questionnaire is formulated to highlight the challenges facing long-term business plans. Through answers given in the questionnaire, a researcher can easily tell the business areas that pose the most threat to a business and hence suggest response strategies that should be executed in order to shield the business from losses. The questionnaire brings to the fore some of the imperative business objectives necessary to make the long-term business plans a reality. The questionnaire also measures the organization’s understanding of threats, vulnerabilities, continuity plans and response strategies against potential risks. It also serves to gauge the organizations understanding of risk avoidance and management.

Q1. What are the key business objectives in your organization?


Q2. Do you know the outcomes that would cause severe performance challenges in this organization? Yes ?  No?

If yes, please list them below


Q3. Suppose the main business objectives in this organization fail, just how long would they need to put back in place before they cause lasting damage?


Q4. Do you have a clear understanding of the threats and risks that would potentially disrupt the daily running of this business? __________

Q5. List the threats that are more likely to occur than others in this organization



Q6. State your response strategies to the threats and risks that your organization is exposed to



Q7. How do you rate your organization’s business continuity plans?





Q8. How do you ensure that your business continuity plans are effective and up-to-date?


Q9. Who is accountable for the business continuity plans in your organization?

?A single person at the board level

?The entire board of directors

?The organizations senior management

?No one