Business continuity Planning questionnaires are very useful for the business organizations which have long term business continuity plans. These questionnaires help the organizations to review their business strategies and to identify the potential risk factors & threats to the business. Hence these questionnaires are a significant tool for periodic review of business strategies of an organization and help them to develop measures well in time to face business threats.

Sample Business Continuity Planning Questionnaire:

Q1.  Briefly explain about your organization’s key business objectives?


Q2. Can you identify the outcomes of your business which may cause long-term severe damage to your business organization upon their failure?


Q3. Can you identify the extent of damage that the failure of a key business objective may cause, in the following terms?

In financial terms ____________________

In the terms of the image of the brand ___________________

In the terms of the company’s public image __________________

In terms of loss that would be suffered by stakeholders _________________

Q4. In case one or more of your business objectives fail, how fast that they need to be restored in order to avoid long term damage?


Q5.  Can you identify the direct and indirect business activities on which the key objectives of your business depend?


Q6. Can you identify the internal and external threats and risks, which may lead to the failure of your one or more business objectives?


Q7. Can you identify the potential failure scenarios that may occur and lead to long-term damage of your organization?


Q8.  Have you identified the strategies that you will follow in case of one or more of your business objectives start failing?