A business analyst interview questionnaire focuses on the various skills that the business analyst candidate possesses. The questionnaire helps to collect information regarding the skills, knowledge and educational background of the candidate. It also helps to assess the candidate for suitability into an organization according the job description and role to be played.

Sample Business Analyst Interview Questionnaire

Name of the candidate

Address of the candidate

Name of the designation being applied for

Email address of the candidate

Phone number of the candidate

1.  Can you briefly mention some details of your present role and your designation?


2.  Are you satisfied with your role as a business analyst?


3.  Can you provide details of the various levels of business analysis that you have worked on from the below mentioned levels?

a)  Business model evaluation

b)  Business process reengineering

c)  Strategic business evaluation

d)  Technical business evaluation

4.  As a business analyst what are the functions you have performed all through your career in different designations?

a)  Handling process deliverables

b)  Handling business operations

c)  Handling customers

d)  Handling business process requirements

5.  Please provide a brief list of the various skills that you posses and think that they can help you in the role of a business analyst.


6.  Please describe briefly your strengths and weaknesses as a business analyst.


7.  What are you future plans for the short term and the long term?


8.  Give some details about your family members?


9.  Do you think that handling stakeholders is a vital part of business analysis and why give reasons for the same?


10.  What is your opinion about the role of coordinated cross functional groups in an organization that lays emphasis on business analysis at every stage?

a)  It is very important

b)  It is just essential

c)  It is not at all important

d)  Depends on each organization