A business analysis questionnaire seeks to help a business owner or manager in identifying the business needs required for his business to be successful. The data collected after administering such a questionnaire is also necessary in formulating solutions to problems and challenges that a business may be facing. Such solutions include system development, organizational change, policy development, process improvement and strategic planning among others. The business analysis questionnaire also seeks to establish the details about the business requirements hence allowing them to formulate a plan and a team to satisfy the identified requirements. Below is a sample of the business analysis questionnaire.

Business Name


Physical Address


Q1. How is your business fairing compared to same period last year?

?Good  ?Fair  ?Poor

Q2. What do you think is the reason for the answer in 1 above?


Q3. Is there an increase in business competition within your target market? ______

If yes, what have your business done to counter the increased competition?


Has your reaction to the competition benefited your business interests? _____________________

If yes, state in which ways__________________

Q4. Is the business utilizing cost-saving measures effectively without compromising the quality of its products or services? _____________

Q5. Are all staff members in the business well enumerated and motivated? __________

Is their motivation level reflected in their performance? __________

If not, what needs to be changed in the human resource policy? __________

Q6. Is the business utilizing all viable methods to beat off competition? _______

Q7. Has the business identified the most viable marketing methods in view of its business competitors, the awareness level of its products and its long term plans?