Budget planning questionnaire is designed to understand the client’s budget requirement. This questionnaire includes several questions related to the client’s income, investment, savings, mortgage, etc in order to understand as to how much budget would be appropriate for him.

This helps in suggesting him the budget amount. Budget planning questionnaire is mostly designed by the consultants providing budget related advice. Given below is a sample budget planning questionnaire; you may refer to it if you are trying to design one such questionnaire.

Sample Budget Planning Questionnaire

  • Please specify your name in the given blank


  • What is your date of birth?


  • Please provide your contact number and email id.


  • What is your current occupation?


  • Mention the name of the company if you are working with one or specify some details about the business you are into.


  • What is your approximate budget for the new business you are planning to start?


  • Have you consulted any other budget consultant to discuss about this budget planning?


  • Where did you hear about our consultancy service from?

a)      Internet

b)      Newspaper/ Magazine

c)      Television/ Radio

d)     Friend/ Relative/ Colleague

  • Why are you so keen on investing in this new business?


  • How much profit do you think you are likely to have from this business?


  • Have you ever invested in a similar business earlier? If yes then please provide a few details about the same such as the budget set for it and the profit gained.


  • Would this business be your primary source of income or secondary source?


  • What is your average annual income at the moment?


  • How many personal assets do you own?

a)      1

b)      2

c)      2 -5

d)     5 – 10

e)      More than 10

  • Please provide a few details about the personal assets you own.


  • Have you ever taken a mortgage? If yes then please provide the details about the kind of mortgage and if it is still running?