A British Medical research council questionnaire is developed and validated by the concerned medical professionals in order to record the feedback of British masses on certain medical/ health condition. The main objective of this medical research council questionnaire is to initiate the latest medical researches on the basis of gathered feedback data. This questionnaire is being filled by the British masses by answering a specific set of questions.

Sample Of British Medical Research Council Questionnaire:

Name of the Individual Participant: ____________

Date of Birth: __/ ___/ ___

Age: _____ Sex: ____

Blood Group: _____

Street: ____________ City: ____________ State: _____________ Country: ____________Pin Code: ____________-

Phone Number: ___________________

E-mail id: _______________________

Occupation: _____________________

Q1. How many times have you filled this British Medical Research Council Questionnaire?

  • Once
  • More than 2 times
  • More than 4 times
  • Never attended

Q2. Do you live in the Great Britain?

  • Yes
  • No

Q3. Do you have any kind of disease, physical disability and psychological sickness?

  • Yes
  • No
  • If yes please provide the details: _______________

Q4. Are you suffering from any sort of adverse occupational health conditions?

  • Yes
  • No
  • If yes, please mention since how long and give the details here: ____________

Q5. Do you have any complaint of behavioural problem?

  • Yes
  • Not at all
  • If yes then specify it: ______________

Q6. Are you aware about the chronic respiratory disease?

  • Fully aware
  • Somewhat aware
  • Not at all aware

Q7. Do you have good knowledge of choric respiratory disease check- up procedures?

  • Yes. I have full knowledge
  • Somewhat educated
  • Not aware

Q8. Are you availing the full health benefits as announced by the British government?

  • Yes. Every time
  • Sometimes
  • Never