A brand valuation questionnaire is one that is used to understand the distinctiveness enjoyed by the brand in the market. The valuation of brand helps to arrive at the brand price that the customers are willing to pay just for the brand name. The questionnaire provides the relevance and esteem that the brand has in comparison to other brands in the market. It also helps to arrive at the brand value that determines the financial health of the company.

Sample Brand Valuation Questionnaire

Name of the customer                                      ________________________

Communication address of the customer   ________________________

Contact number of the customer                   ________________________

Email address of the customer                      ________________________

1. How do you decide which brand is best based on the parameters provided here?

a)      Brand advertising    ___________________

b)      Brand pricing            ___________________

c)      Brand availability     ___________________

d)     Brand quality             ___________________

2. What are the factors that consumers will consider when choosing a cell phone provider?

a)      Good network coverage

b)      Affordable pricing

c)      Both the factors above

3. Please provide some of the brand names that you think are the best available in the cell phone service providers market segment?


4. What is the best service plan that you can recall provided by a cell phone service provide and mention the name of the brand?


5. What do you like the most about the cell phone service provider you are subscribed to?


6. Can you identify a cell phone service provider brand by just looking at its logo?

a)      Yes I can                                         ______________

b)      No I cannot                                     ______________

c)      Can’t say I have never tried         ______________

7. Is there anything that you want to change in the cell phone service provider brand that you are presently subscribed to?


8. How do you rank your service provider on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest?