A brand tracking survey questionnaire is one that is used by a company to measure the development of their brand. The questionnaire makes use of some key parameters for assessment such as brand awareness, consumer preference, usage pattern of consumer etc. This questionnaire proffers the benefits of identifying the marketing strategies that are important for the brand growth and also monitor results of existing products.

Sample Brand Tracking Survey Questionnaire

Name of the consumer

Address of the consumer

Email id of the consumer

Contact number of the consumer

1.  Can you specify the various brands of products that you know?


2.  Name the brands that you have used and are happy with it usage?


3.  Provide a list of the brands that you are making use of at present and are happy with it usage?


4.  How frequently do you shop for your favorite brand please specify according to the time period given below?

a)      Monthly

b)      Quarterly

c)      Annually

5.  What is the amount of money you spend per annum on the purchase of your favorite brand?


6.  Which mode of advertising do you usually follow for selecting your brand?

a)      Television

b)      Newspaper

c)      Online shopping portals

d)      Magazine

7.  Do you know any of your friends or relatives who use the same brand as you do. If no then please specify the names of other brands that they make use of?


8.  How will you differentiate our brand with other company brands in similar category based on the issues specified below?

a)      Provides excellent quality

b)      Provides value for money

c)      Is easily available

d)     Great customer delight


9.  Did you have any issues with our brand at any point of time?


10.  Will you change your brand in future if there are better offers attached with the product?