A brand relationship questionnaire helps in analyzing the consumer and brand relationship that is vital for the financial growth and success of a company. The questionnaire strives to achieve the future course of action based on the relationship that the consumers of the company. It also helps to build a brand position and the kind of image the consumers have about the products of the company.

Sample Brand Relationship Questionnaire

Name of the consumer:              _________________________

Address of the consumer:         _________________________

Email id of the consumer:         _________________________

Contact number of consumer:  _________________________

Q1. Do you feel you correlate to the brand that you always buy products from?


Q2. What do you understand by the word brand relationship?


Q3. What is the impression you have about the brand of the company that you usually products of?

a)      Excellent

b)      Good

c)      Average

d)     Bad

Q4. What factors do you think are important to build a brand relationship with a company?




Q5. Do you think it is necessary that brand relationship can help build the business of a company?


Q6. Is the pricing of a brand an important factor in building brand relationship?

a)      Very Important              ______________________

b)      Somewhat important   ______________________

c)      Least important             ______________________

d)     Can’t say                          ______________________

Q7. Have you ever had any worst experiences when shopping for our brand and if yes please specify the same?


Q8. Do you think you are loyal to our company because of the brand relationship that you share with our company?


Q9. Do you think quality of a brand has any influence on building a brand relationship?

a)      Very important               ___________________

b)      Somewhat important    ___________________

c)      Not at all important         ___________________

d)     Can’t say                           ___________________

Q10. Can you provide any suggestions for us to improve the brand relationship with our consumers in future?