Brand recall survey questionnaire

A brand recall survey questionnaire is one that is made use of by a company to identify the pattern of recall of products by customers on the basis of brands. The survey questionnaire essentially helps in recognizing the brands that customers mostly associate with and are able to recall instantly when questioned about a particular category of products such as cosmetics, toothpaste etc. A sample of the brand recall survey questionnaire is provided here below for better understanding of the same.

Sample Brand recall survey questionnaire

Name of the customer – _____________________________

Address of the customer – _____________________________

Email id of customer – _____________________________

Contact number – _____________________________

1. Name the various products that you can think of in the category of toothpaste brands available in the market?

a. ______________

b. ______________

c. ______________

d. ______________

2. Amongst the brands that you have specified above which is the brand that you are currently making use of?

a. ______________

b. ______________

c. ______________

d. ______________

3. What is your common purchase duration of this product?

a. Once in a month

b. Twice in a month

c. Once in a quarter

d. As and when needed

4. Your purchase of the brand for this product category is influenced by which of the following advertising strategies used by the company?

a. Television

b. Newspaper

c. Direct sales

d. Radio announcements

5. Do all the members of your family use the same brand that you use?

a. Yes

b. No

6. How long since you have been using this brand?

a. Six months

b. One year

c. Two years

d. More than two years

7. What was the brand that you were making use of earlier?


8. Please specify the reason why you have switched the brand from earlier one to what you are making use of at present?

a. Convenience

b. Price

c. Availability

d. Other reasons Pl specify ___________