A brand identity design questionnaire is one that is used by a company to recognize the uniqueness of the pattern of its brand in comparison to other brands present in the market. This questionnaire is very useful for companies that want to have better positioning if its products in the market. Also this questionnaire is important to recognize the aspects that make the branding of the products of the company more distinctive.

Sample Brand identity design questionnaire

Name of the product consumer _________________

Address of the consumer __________________

Contact number of consumer __________________

Email address of consumer __________________

1. What are important elements that you seek in the products of a brand that you prefer to purchase?

a. Quality of products

b. Easy availability

c. Affordable Price

d. Brand image for products


2. What is your opinion about the brand of products that our company manufactures?

a. Very good

b. Just good

c. Average

d. Poor


3. Do you think the price of the products manufactured by our company is reasonable?

a. Yes

b. No


4. What do you think are the essential factors that consumer usually look for in various branded products available in a specific category in the market?



5. What are the factors that are important for a brand to maintain its identity design in the market?

a. Excellent quality

b. Good brand image

c. Easy availability

d. Endorsements by popular persons


6. What do you think our company should do to enhance the brand identity of products manufactured by us?



7. What do you think are the steps that our company should take to reduce the negative image if any of the brand image of our company?


8. Are there any suggestions that you want to make in order to boost the brand identity design of our company in the market?