A brand health survey questionnaire is one that is used by a company to gather information from customers regarding the financial health of the company in the market. This questionnaire provides benefits of evaluating the vision of the company and its future marketing strategies required to build the brand name successfully.

Sample Brand Health Survey Questionnaire

Name of the customer

Email address of the customer

Contact number of the customer

Communication address of the customer

1.  Which annual income segment do you belong to from the following category?

a)     Less than one lakh

b)     One lakh to two lakhs

c)      Two lakhs to three lakhs

d)      More than three lakhs

2.  Do you think it is important for a company to engage in marketing research to identify its brand health?

a)      Strongly agree

b)     Somewhat agree

c)      Strongly disagree

d)      Do not know

3.  What do you think about other customers’ opinion about our company brand and products?


4.  How do you think a brand can get loyalty of its customers from the following parameters?

a)      Good quality product

b)      Good customer service

c)      Good advertising

d)     Good pricing

5.  Do you think the brand products of our company are affordable for all classes of customers?


6.  Do you feel that our company provides value based products to the customers?


7.  What do you think are the dynamics of marketing that determine the success of a brand in the market?


8.  Are you completely satisfied with the products offered by our brand?


9.  Do you feel there are some areas that need further improvement in order make our products the best in the brand it belongs to?


10.  Do you see any drawbacks in the products that are marketed by our company under the brand name and if yes please specify the reasons for it?