A brand experience questionnaire helps to evoke the behavioral response of the customers for a particular brand. The response is evoked from the customers in aspects such as packaging, appearance, advertising and other aspects of branding of products of a company. It is the experience of the customers that helps build a brand and their loyalty too. Therefore this questionnaire is of crucial importance in understanding the behavioral patterns of customers towards a specific brand.

Sample Brand Experience Questionnaire

Name of the customer

Mailing address of the customer

Email address of the customer

Phone number of the customer

1.  Can you kindly give a brief note on what you understand by the term “brand”?


2.  Are you a person who buys branded products only?

a)  Yes always

b)  Sometimes

c)  Rarely

d)  Not at all

3.  Are you particular about the pricing of the product?


4.  Do you experiment with new brands that are introduced in the market?




5.  How do you rate your experience with our brand as per the considerations given below?

a)  Very good

b)  Satisfactory

c)  Not happy

d)  Do not want to disclose

6.  Do you always buy products of a specific brand and are loyal to it?


7.  Will you be a loyal customer to the brand you are associated with presently even if the price of the products is increased in future?


8.  Will you be happy to receive a sample of any of the new products launched by our company?


9.  Can you specify the reason for using only branded products as given below?

a)  Brand image of the product

b)  Brand endorsement by famous personalities

c)  Personal satisfaction

d)  Other factors such as pricing, availability etc

10.  Do you think brand ambassadors influence the image and sales of a product?