A brand equity measurement questionnaire is one that helps a company to understand the potential it has for growth of market for its products and services. Brand equity measurement is essential for a company to appreciate the value of brand strength which helps to take vital decisions. It also assists in evaluation of brand performance for further increasing its spread in the market.

Sample Brand Equity Measurement Questionnaire

Q1: Please specify your age group according to the groups specified here under.

a)      18-24                 ____________

b)      25-31                 ____________

c)      32-38                 ____________

d)     38 and above   ____________

Q2: Please put a tick against your gender given below.

a)      Male      ___________

b)      Female ___________

Q3: What is your annual family income?


Q4: What are the different brands of cosmetics you are aware about from the ones specified here under?

a)      _________________

b)      _________________

c)      _________________

d)     _________________

Q5: Which is the brand of cosmetic that you have purchased in the last six to twelve months?


Q6: Are you satisfied with the cosmetic product that you have been using until now?


Q7: On an average how much amount do you spend on cosmetics per annum?


Q8: What is the frequency of your shopping for cosmetics? Please put a tick against the time periods specified here under?

a)      Weekly        ____________

b)      Monthly      ____________

c)      Quarterly    ____________

d)     Yearly          ____________

Q9 : How will you rate the overall satisfaction of the cosmetic brand that you always buy on a scale of 0-5 where 0 is least and 5 is best by putting a tick against the scale given here under?

a)      0 __________

b)      1 __________

c)      2 __________

d)     3 __________

e)     4 __________

f)      5__________

Q10: How likely are you to recommend the brand of cosmetic you buy to others?

a)      Very unlikely     _________

b)      Likely                  _________

c)      Not at all likely   _________

d)     Cannot say          _________