Many customers try different brands of products before deciding on the brand that they will make use of in future. A brand comparison questionnaire can help a company to assess its standing in the market in comparison to other brands of the same category. The brand comparison questionnaire also provides information regarding the various reasons that affect the customer’s choice and devise their marketing strategy accordingly.

Sample Brand Comparison Questionnaire

Name of the customer                    ______________________

Address of the customer                ______________________

Email address of the customer    ______________________

Contact details of the customer   ______________________

1.  How do you decide on the brand that you want to purchase when you go for shopping?


2.  Do you choose brands according to the country it belongs to?


3.  Will you consider pricing an important factor when comparing various brands before buying?


4.  Will you choose a brand that conducts assistance camps to educate about the best usage of the product and its benefits?


5.  Please specify the main factors that you will consider before choosing a particular brand to purchase?

a)     Product quality

b)     Product pricing

c)     Product packaging and appearance

d)     Product sales service

e)     Product celebrity endorsement

6.  What do you think are the main causes for a product to build as a great brand?


7.  What is your source of information to learn about a specific brand of products?

a)      Newspaper

b)      Magazine

c)      Television

d)      Internet

e)      Other Pl specify ___________________

8.  Since how many months have you been buying a specific brand of products and for what reason?


9.  Have you tried a similar product in order to compare the effects before trying the brand that you are using currently and are you willing to shift your brand if other brand provides similar features?


10.  Can you provide the quantity and pricing details of the brand you are using right now?