A brand audit survey questionnaire is one that helps a company in understanding the overall strength of its brand in the market. This questionnaire can be served to both insiders and outsiders of the company. But in practice this questionnaire is used to obtain survey from management, employees and the sales team of the company. This questionnaire is an inside out approach that helps in brand building of the company starting with its own staff.

Sample Brand Audit Survey Questionnaire

Name of the person taking the questionnaire         _______________________

Mailing address                                                            _______________________

Contact number                                                           _______________________

Email id                                                                          _______________________

1. Can you specify the marketing strategies that have been implemented in the recent times in our company?


2. Do you think that these marketing strategies had a major impact on the success of the business?

a)      Yes,  they had an impact

b)      No,  they had no impact

c)      Can’t Say

3. What considerations do you think the company should make in devising the marketing strategies?



4. How can the results of the marketing strategies be integrated effectively into new products being launched by the company?


5. Please provide a few points on the marketing and branding strategy applied by the company with both advantages and disadvantages.

a)      ________________________

b)      ________________________

c)      ________________________

6. Do you feel that our products have a good reputation amongst our customers in the market?


7. How do you think we can push new customers to start choosing our products as against the products of other companies?


8. Do you know of any brand loyal customers of our company who will not switch to the products of other companies for any reason?


9. Do you feel that all the customers are aware of the marketing strategies implemented by our company to create brand awareness about our products in the market?