A behavioural finance questionnaire is a kind of a tool through which financial institutions such as banks etc try to fathom the investment related thinking or decisions of the people. These questionnaires are used to come to a common conclusion about what the majority of investors think before making an investment and what goes around in their minds before they choose to invest in an entity. These decisions points to the financing behaviour or habits of people and are useful for financial institutions. Given below is a sample of a behavioural finance questionnaire that can be used for reference purpose.

Sample Behavioural Finance Questionnaire

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Kindly answer the following questions in the spaces provided or tick the correct options.

Q1. While making an investment, what is your general objective or goal?

a)      To be able to generate income

b)      To ensure growth in my income

c)      Appreciation of capital

d)     Stability of capital

Q2. According to you, which tool of investment do you generally use?

a)      Real estate

b)      Gold

c)      Silver

d)     Derivatives

e)      Post office plans and schemes

f)       Saving accounts, bank deposits etc.

g)      Bonds

h)      Equity shares

i)        Other( please specify)

Q3. What kind of time horizon do you generally choose for your investments?

a)      1 day

b)      1 week

c)      1 month

d)     1 year

e)      1-5 years

f)       More than 5 years

Q4. On general basis, what kind of return do you expect from any investment that you make?

a)      1-5 %

b)      5-15 %

c)      15-20%

d)     20-30%

e)      More than 30%

Q5.  If you are given a choice, then what percentage of your total income would you be willing to invest?

a)      Upto 10%

b)      Upto20%

c)      Upto 30%

d)     Upto40%

e)       More than 40%