A behavioral event interview questionnaire is a set of questions which are asked from a person to know and evaluate his behavior on the basis of past events and happenings. These questions help to evaluate the overall personality of an individual. Responses given to such interview questions are difficult to comprehend and hence results take time and effort to be put forth.

Sample Behavioural Event Interview Questionnaire:

Name of the candidate: _______________

Age of the candidate: _______________

Gender of the candidate: ______________

Email address of the candidate: _______________

Contact number of the candidate: ______________

Residential address of the candidate: _________________

Last job details:

Company name: _____________

Job position: _______________

Worked for: ________________

Now please kindly answer the following questions.

Q1. What is the one worst mistake you have made in the past in your previous job?


Q2. What do you think could have prevented this mistake?


Q3. What kind of people do you think frustrate you the most?


Q4. Tell us about the best experience that you have had in the previous job?


Q5. How do you react to critical reviews of your work?


Q6. How do you react to encouraging reviews of the work done by you in your jobs?


Q7. Do you engage yourself with staff members after office hours?


Q8. In the event of tough situations or difficulty in meeting deadlines, how do you generally react and how do you cope up with work?


Q9. What is your biggest inspiration while you are working?