Audit Marketing Questionnaire contains a set of specific questions aimed at auditing/ evaluating the marketing assets of a company or any business. The analysis of the answers will help the firm remove inefficiencies in utilization of resources and put them up for the best possible use.

Sample Audit Marketing Questionnaire



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Business Address:

Business Contact Info:

Kindly answer the following questions:

Q1. Please mention your business name:

Q2. What is/ are the goals setup for the firm to achieve in the next accounting year?

Q3. Specify in relevant detail the products/services provided or endorsed by this business?

Q4. Who all according to you are the major competitors facing your business?

Q5. What are the geographical boundaries within which the business activities take place?

Q6. Do you have a well defined set of consumer segment that is targeted via the firm’s marketing plan?

Q7. What is the average yearly turnover for the business within the geographical boundaries specified above? (Mention past, current and expected)

Q8. What percent of the revenue generated is generally invested in the marketing strategy for the business?

Q9. What portion of the above mentioned investment goes for research and development of the market and related aspects?

Q10. Have the current plans in action been satisfying in promoting the business as per specifications?

Q11. Does your team conduct regular surveys to gather information about consumer feedback and their future expectations? How much investment is made on an average?

Q12. Once the information is collected do you make use of it to bring appropriate changes in you marketing plan/

Q13. Do you keep a check on the activities of your competitors?