Assessment marketing questionnaire is aimed at helping the firms understand whether the current methods employed to assess the respective markets and marketing schemes are efficient and sufficient or not. This will help them with the basic decision making eminent in every field of work.

Sample Assessment Marketing Questionnaire



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Kindly fill in the details/ answer the following questions:

Q1. Business name by which the activities and subsidiaries are headed:

Q2. Product(s) or service(s) that are a part of the business house:

Q3. The percentage of total revenue generated that is reinvested in the promotion of business via marketing strategy:

Q4. Mention the regions in which the business operates.

Q5. What are the strategies that are employed by this firm to increase its market share? Detail.

Q6. How often and by what methods does the firm check the market composition?

Q7. Who are your major market competitors?

Q8. How often does the firm updates its database regarding the consumer composition?

Q9. Mention the primary and secondary consumer segments of the business.

Q10. Does the firm gather feedback from the customers regarding the products and their future expectation from the firm?

Q11. What are the methods employed by the business to get the information in 10? (E.g. surveys, promotion and feedback campaigns etc.)

Q13. How does the firm recognize/detect the inefficiencies in the current methods (whether marketing or analysis) employed by the firm?

Q14. How important in your view is innovation in every aspect of market related operations?