Aptitude Management is a process to assess the skills and abilities of an individual. The Aptitude Management Questionnaire is prepared by various educational institutions, organizations and so on. The Aptitude management questionnaire basically consists of general that helps in evaluating the aptitude level of an individual. Following is the sample Aptitude Management Questionnaire.

Sample Aptitude Management Questionnaire:

Q.1) Your Name____________

Q.2) Address_______________

Q.3)  if you would like yourself to introduce to us in one single word than what will be that word?

Q.4)  what is the general opinion of the people about you?

Q.5)  if by chance you find yourself in an unusual situation, how would you react?

(a) Will panic and run around asking for help

(b) Will try to escape from the situation

(c) Will think calmly, for a perfect solution to deal with the situation

Q.6)  If you are given certain responsibility unexpectedly, which is very difficult but not impossible to complete. What will you do?

(a) Accept it as a challenge

(b) Will say “it’s not piece of cake” and pass it someone else

(c) Will ask from suggestions from others before taking a final decision

Q.7) what type of work you prefer?

(a) Sitting in front of PC whole day and working

(b) Roaming around and meeting new people

(c) Both

Q.8)  if you are handling a team and team members are not co-operative, what will you do?

(a) Complaint the top-management

(b) Will shout at the team and get the work done.

(c) Will hold a discussion with the team and ask them the reason for non-co-operation.