An Apple job questionnaire is a basic questionnaire that every applicant filing for a job interview with Apple Inc has to fill. This questionnaire consists of questions relevant to the job applied for and how the interviewee perceives the organization and job responsibilities.

Apple Job Questionnaire Sample

Name of the Individual: ____________________________________ Date: _____________

Sex: __________  Age: ___________  Marital Status: _______________

Address: ___________________________________________________

City: ________________ State: ______________  Zip: ______________

Telephone: ____________________  Email: ________________________

Q1. Have you ever given an interview at Apple before?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q2. Is this your first job? If not, then provide information on previous job

a)   Yes

b)   No

Previous Job: _________________________________

Q3. Why are you applying for this position?


Q4. Which of the following would you consider if you were launching iPhone in China?

a)   Extensive market research

b)   Pre launch and testing

c)   Extensive awareness program

d)   Study market segmentation

Q5. What are you experiences of working in a team?


Q6. How well can you handle work pressure?

a)   Extremely well

b)   Very well

c)   Good enough

d)   Not too good

e)   Average

Q7. What elements of the new iPhone 4s do you like?


Q8. Why Apple? Why do you think you are ideal for this job?


Q9. What is your favorite non-apple technology and why is it your favorite?


Q10. If you have a conflict with your manager how would you resolve? Choose multiple answers.

a)   Bash up your manager

b)   Handle the situation calmly

c)   Use Logic

d)   State why the conflict

e)   Offer a immediate resolution

f)    Succumb to the pressure

Q11. Who are the Apple products targeting?

a)   Global consumers

b)   IT informed consumers

c)   Hi-tech consumers

d)   The nerds

e)   Any and every consumers

f)    Age specific consumer

g)   Geographically defined consumers