An apartment market questionnaire is used to assess the current status of the apartments in the real estate market. These types of questionnaires are filled in by the apartment owners as well as renters and include various questions related to their needs and requirements.

Sample Apartment Market Questionnaire:

Name of the interested individual: _____________

Address: ___________________________________

Contact number: ____________________________

Date: ___/____/___

Q1. Kindly tell us your motive for participating in this apartment questionnaire?

  • Interested in purchasing an apartment
  • Interested for leasing an apartment
  • Interested to put an apartment on rent
  • Interested in selling an apartment

Q2. What is your total budget to initiate the above given deal?


Q3. Kindly provide us the apartment specifications:

  • Size specification: ________________-
  • Current condition: _______________
  • Room (s): ______________________

Q4. Mention the desired/ concerned location of the apartment:


Landmark: ___________

Q5. Are you willing to check & accept the mortgage terms in case of purchase or sale of the apartment?

  • Yes
  • Probably yes
  • Not interested

Q6. Mention the duration for which you would like to sell, lease or own the apartment?

  • For a year
  • For 3 years
  • For 5 years
  • More than this
  • Please mention: ___________

Q7. Have you even initiated a deal in an apartment lease, purchase & sale prior to this?

  • Many times
  • Once
  • Twice
  • Never

If yes, please mention the details?

Q8. Please mention if you have any other priorities or requirements so as to initiate an apartment related deal?