The analysis of the answers to the question asked in an Analysis Marketing Questionnaire will help any business to analyze its marketing strategy and point out the redundancies. It will thus help improve its performance and efficiency by bringing about appropriate changes in its marketing strategy

Sample Analysis Marketing Questionnaire



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Q1. Kindly write the name under which all the business activities are conducted


Q2. What was aim/mission with which you initially started this business

Q3. Specify with details the product(s)/service(s) which are produced/promoted under the business.

Q4. Name the other business house that you view as current or future competitors.

Q5. Are there any unique, specific and highlighted differences that set your product apart from the rest of the competitors? Mention.

Q6. What according to you is the process by which a marketing strategy helps a business in promoting the products and increase revenue?

Q7. Are the marketing plans built in keeping and giving proper attention to the customer base targeted and product specifications?

Q8. What according to you are the most important features of a market or a product that must be kept in mind while building a marketing strategy?

Q9. How important is it to bring about innovative ideas in the marketing department? How often does that happen in your own firm?

Q10. Do you conduct regular analysis of the marketing schemes so as to remove redundancies and implement new schemes? How often would you say such checks are conducted?

Q11. How long has it been since the last time when marketing scheme was edited and fresh ideas implemented?