The air travel questionnaire is to be filled up by the passengers availing a flight. In this questionnaire they answer questions that help in determining the pros and cons of that particular flight service he or she travelled with. The results from these types of questionnaires help in forming a good idea about the trends of the respective airline services.

Sample Air Travel Questionnaire

Name: __________________________________________________________

Age: ___________________ Gender: Male / Female

Date of Flight: _____________________ Time of Flight: ________________

Which airline did you travel with? _______________________________________________

Please rate the following services of the airline on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the poor and 5 being the excellent.

1. How speedily could you reach the reservation agent while making travel arrangements for this flight?

2. Was the reservation agent helpful?

3. Did you receive accurate flight information?

4. Was the fare information you received accurate?

5. Is this airlines arrival and departure time convenient for you?

6. Did the airlines have fewer stops?

7. Did the airline have a frequent flyer program?

8. How are the in-flight services of the airline?

9. How were the ground services?

Please answer the following questions.

1. What is your personal airline preference? ___________________________________

2. Which aircraft do you prefer the most? _____________________________________

3. Did you travel in this airline because of somebody’s recommendation? _____________________________________________________________________

4. Were you planning this trip to your destination at precisely this time? _____________

5. Do you find the fares of this airline reasonable? ______________________________

6. What is the purpose of this trip of yours? __________________________________