An accountant interview questionnaire is a questionnaire prepared for an accountant and it includes the questions regarding accounting skills, experience, current and technical accounting issues. The accountant interview questionnaire explores the core competencies required in a job of accountancy.

This questionnaire helps in exploring the general technical accounting skills and knowledge of the candidate who is applying for the post of accountant.  The accountant interview questionnaire can also be highly beneficial for an employer who hires accountants. As an employer is going to appoint an accountant he must check the vast and dynamic accounting knowledge of a candidate.

Accountant Interview Questionnaire Sample

Q1. Why did you choose accountancy as a career? _________________________

Q2. Which accounting application software you are very familiar with? ______________

Q3. What skills and unique knowledge you would like to contribute to our company? _______________________________________________________________

Q4. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different accounting systems you have used recently in your job. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Q5. What is the biggest challenge till date which you have faced during the accounting profession? ______________________________________________________________________

Q6. From the company point of view which is better for our company?

  1. VAT tax
  2. Service tax?

Explain with reason ____________________________________________

Q7. What role you can pay in budget and audit process? __________________________________________________________________

Q8. Any accounting process you developed or revised? ______________________

Q9. How do you keep yourself updated with all accounting rules and techniques? __________________________________________________________________

Q10 What according to you is the most essential quality that an accountant should possess in order to excel in his field of work?



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