The 360 degree feedback questionnaire is a tool used by managers to gauge the performance of employees in the company. Normally, the employee fills a questionnaire, while eight to ten more people working with him also fill different sets of questionnaires gauging his or her performance. Based on the information from all these questionnaires, the manager is then able to gauge the employee’s performance based not only on his own assessment, but based on what other people think  of his/her performance at work too. Such questionnaires contain short, concise and relevant questions, which also help employees understand how their fellow staff members perceive their performances.

Below is a sample:

Q1. How long have you worked with X? __________

Q2. How would you rate his performance at work?

?Good   ?Average  ?Poor

Q3. How would you rate his time management skills?

?Excellent  ?Average  ?Needs improvement

Q4. Does he meet his targets in good time always?

?Yes    ?Rarely

Q5. How are his communication skills to clients as well as fellow workers?

?Sufficient   ?Wanting

Q6. How do you gauge his abilities to work with other people in the organization?

?He is a good team player

?He is a reluctant team player

?He hates working as a team

Q7. How do you rate his input to this organization?

?Invaluable   ?Average ?Could improve

Q8. Out of a score of 10, and compared to other people holding the same job title in this organization, where would place X’s performance? (1 being the least and 10 the highest)


Q9. Would you recommend X for the following? (Use YES or NO answers)

Pay increase_______

Job promotion_______


Pay cut_______