Young Schema Questionnaire

Young schema Questionnaire is a series of questions which is devised to analyze and treat people with personality disorders, chronic depression, and other difficult individual and couples problems. It is attributed to psychotherapist Dr. Jeff Young and assimilates aspects of cognitive therapy, behavior therapy, object relations, and gestalt therapy into one composite and methodical approach.

Young Schema Questionnaire Sample

Name:               __________________________________________________________________

Age:          ____________________               Gender:     ________________________

Occupation:        __________________________________________________________________

Your family consists of :


You are living:    a) with you family               b) away from your family


Against each question write the number which correspond to the following and holds true for you


2-Moderately agree

3-Little disagree


  1. For much of your life I did not have someone who took special care of me           ______
  1. I do not feel that I am special                                                              ______
  1. I do not have someone to share my intimate thoughts                             ______
  1. I am always scared of being dumped/abandoned by my friends                  ______
  1. I am so scared of people leaving me that I do not befriend them at all               ______
  1. I am always scared that other people will take advantage of me                        ______
  1. I feel out of place in groups, parties etc. most of the time                                ______
  1. I am scared that people will dislike me because of my inherent defects              ______
  1. I prefer to be lonely rather than in a group                                             ______
  1. I am incapable of any achievement in my life                                  ______
  1. All my peers are more intelligent and talented than me                            ______
  1. I lack common sense


  1. I end up taking the burden of responsibilities                                          ______
  1. At workplace or school I am the cause of all troubles                               ______
  1. I always feel pressured to get my jobs done                                           ______

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