Writing Questionnaires

Questionnaires are important tools of survey and should therefore be written in a way that clearly depicts this importance. It is very in important to consider the reasons for doing a given research, which will determine the kind of information required. If the questionnaire targets customers of a given product, then it has to be designed to meet the requirements that pertain to the product and the target customers. During the process of writing questionnaires, the researcher should think about how the type of language used would affect the respondents as well as the overall results. Below is a sample questionnaire on people’s reading and writing habits.

Questionnaire on reading and writing habits

1. How often do you read newspapers and magazines?

On a daily basis_______

On a weekly basis ______

On a monthly basis _________

Rarely __________

2. Which section(s) of the newspapers or magazines interest you most?

Editorials ______


Opinion and analysis_____

Life and personalities ____________


3. (a) Have you ever written an article to a magazine or newspaper in response to your favorite section?

(b) If your answer in 3(a) is yes, what was your article about?

Criticism ____

Praise ______

Suggestion on improvement______

Other (please specify) _______

4. What would you say about the general contents of the newspapers and magazines you have read? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5. (a) Do you have access to online newspapers and magazines?____

(b) If your answer in 5(a) above is yes, have ever blogged in response to what you read online? _____

(c) What would you say about blogs? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

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