Writing Questionnaire Questions

Questionnaires are an easy and cost effective way of collecting data from a large number of people. It allows researchers to reach large numbers of people to be able to come up with concert statistics for their evaluations
Writing questionnaire questions is very important as the questions are the basis of the questionnaire in the first place.During the writing questionnaire questions, one has to keep in mind the objectives and the group that they are targeting.Writing questionnaire questions can be done in two kinds of ways. The questions can either be open format questions or closed format questions

Sample Writing Questionnaire Questions

Please select below the department that you are currently working in the company.

  • Human Resource Department
  • Management
  • Customer Service
  • Finance Department
  • Sales
  • Marketing

Answer the following questions with either True or False
The company offers performance appraisal awards
Every employee is assured of job security when they beginning working for the company
Working conditions at the company are quite favorable
I enjoy doing what I do
The company organizes team building activities frequently
There is free and open communication between the management and the employees
Please select the position that you currently hold in the company

  • Clerk
  • Manager
  • Senior Supervisor
  • Office Administrator
  • Accountant
  • Project Manager
  • Computer Engineer

The company provides good remuneration

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