Writing a Questionnaire

Questionnaires are an economical way of gathering data from a considerably large number of research participants. In many cases questionnaire are the best way to involve a large sample that can provide reliable statistics. A well-created questionnaire can be applied to effectively collect information on the overall performance of a large system as well as its specifics. Questionnaires that contain demographic questions can be used to relate performance and peoples’ satisfaction about a given system. They should therefore have clear objectives and be given to an appropriate sample to enable interpretation of the results. Below is a sample market research questionnaire.

Marketing research questionnaire on effective marketing

Personal details

First name                              Middle name                     Last name

____________                         _______________                 ______________



What is the nature of your business?

Sole proprietor _________    Partnership _________ Corporation ______

Which day of the week are you likely to achieve highest business in terms of sales or other target?


Please answer the questions below with ‘yes’ or ‘no’

Would you say that your business is profitable?


Do you advertise your business?


If your answer above is ‘yes,’ which kind of advertising media do you engage?


Do you deal in your merchandise online?


Do you have adequate sales staff?


Do you think the government is doing enough to promote marketing with regard to your business?


Do you have enough outlets for your business to sell your merchandise and services?


What are strategy are you applying that is different from your competitors to attract more customers?


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