Writing a Good Questionnaire

It is essential to prepare a good questionnaire with well framed questions if you are aiming to get the desired information. Below mentioned are a few suggestions for framing a good questionnaire:

  • Target audience: Find out as to who is going to answer the questionnaire framed by you. The kind of questions framed for a questionnaire to be answered by a professional are different from those to be answered by general consumers.
  • Keep it short: It is seen that most part of the questionnaires having too many questions is left unanswered. If there are a number of questions asked in a questionnaire people do not take pains to go ahead and answer and every answer; they tend to loose interest after replying a few of them and the questionnaire is left incomplete. It is therefore essential to frame a short and crisp questionnaire.
  • Cover all aspects: It is essential to understand the main motive behind setting the questionnaire. The person framing the questionnaire must understand as to what all information is required by way of the questionnaire he is given to prepare and frame all the questions accordingly. He must create the questions tactfully so as to extract all the information from the person answering the questionnaire.
  • Easy to Understand: One should make use of a language that can easily be understood by the general public so that they take interest in the questionnaire and answer the questionnaire. If the language is too over the top then most of the questions would not be understood and eventually remain unanswered.

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