What is Paid Survey?

Surveys are very common in today’s world because of research practices by both individuals and organizations. What is paid survey questionnaire is a tool used to collect quantitative information about a participant’s personal and economic habits set against his or her particular demographic variable. They are considered to be more likely to catch a wider and more representative range of respondents. What is paid survey questionnaire involves rewarding the participant through an incentive program after the participant completes one or more surveys. The surveys are used by governments in political polling and marketing research. Below is a sample what is paid survey questionnaire.

Sample What is Paid Survey

Please fill out the following details depending on the question asked

State how long you have been using paid survey questionnaire

Never used:____________Less than one year: __________ 2- 5years: _________ 5- 7 years: _________7- 10 years: __________ more than 10 years: __________

Use this key to rate your answers where applicable

1- Excellent, 2- good, 3- average, 4- poor, 5- very poor

Rate the effectiveness of using paid survey questionnaire in research work


Rate your ability to use paid survey questionnaire


Rate your client’s response to using paid survey questionnaire


How frequently do you use paid survey questionnaire to do your research work?


Would you prefer to use other means to collect data other than using paid survey questionnaire? __________________________________________

Please give a reason for the response to the above question


How much do you think you will earn from paid surveys?




Paid Surveys

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