Website Feedback Questionnaire

A website feedback questionnaire is very useful in those scenarios where the website works as an important medium of communication with the audience or customers. The website can deliver important messages, up-to-date content, and useful brand promotion schemes intended to raise the awareness and brand value of the firm or institution.

Sample Website Feedback Questionnaire:

Name:                               _____________________________

Address:                    _____________________________

Phone Number:           _____________________________

Email address:                    _____________________________

Q1: How often do you access the website?

a)   More than once a day

b)   Once a day

c)   Once in a week

d)   Once in a month

e)   Very rarely

Q2: How did you come to know about the website?

a)   Though Google

b)   Through friends and colleagues

c)   Through third party sources

d)   Cannot disclose

Q3: Please rate the website on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 stands lowest and 5 as the highest

a)   1

b)   2

c)   3

d)   4

e)   5

Q4: Which of the features of the website do you like the best?

a)   Website presentation

b)   Website content

c)   Website responsiveness

d)   Up-to-date data in the website

e)   All

f)    None

Q5: How do you rate the website navigation?

a)   Excellent

b)   Very Good

c)   Good

d)   Average

e)   Poor

f)    Very Poor

Q6: How many hours do you spend on the website per visit?

a)   1 – 15 minutes

b)   15 – 30 minutes

c)   30 – 60 minutes

d)   More than 60 minutes

Q7: Please provide your valuable feedback on the development of the website


Q8. Please list any issue that you ever encountered while accessing the website


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