Website Design Survey Questionnaire

A website design survey questionnaire is used as a professional tool to gather the feedback of audience on designing prototypes, website’s appearance and programming applications to understand the exact business requirements of clients. This questionnaire is a systematic set of effective questions which is designed by the professionals in order to detect the designing flaws and technical problems associated with the website design. This website design survey questionnaire can be e-mailed or circulated over the internet to record the client feedback.

Sample Of Website Design Survey Questionnaire: 

Name: _____________

Address: ___________

Telephone Number: ____________

E-mail id: ____________________

Q1. Do you find this website’s design appealing?

  • Very much appealing
  • Somewhat appealing
  • Average
  • No

Q2. Do the fonts and images appear clearly and are easily readable?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Others, please specify: _______________

Q3. Are the font colours and images logically related to the brand and offered products or services?

  • Yes
  • Somehow related
  • Not much related
  • How do you like the site map of this website?
  • _____________________

Q4. Do you find this website user- friendly to navigate and does the online data load easily while you access it?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure

Q5. Are you satisfied with the colour and background images of the website?

  • Very much satisfied
  • Satisfied
  • Dissatisfied

Q6. How do you rate the website content, security features and legitimization?

  • Excellent
  • Impressive
  • Good
  • Average
  • Poor

Q7. Do you think that the website design layout completely meet up the business requirements?

  • Yes
  • Not sure
  • No

Q8. Would you like to suggest us effective improvements and anymore changes for this website?


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