Web Usability Questionnaire

A web usability questionnaire is one of the best procedures to check the web using capacity of an individual. Through such questionnaire the web usability can be judged and scrutinised. Such questions are framed keeping in mind the user whose feedbacks matter the most.

Sample Web Usability Questionnaire

Name of Web User: ____________________

Web Generally Used: __________________________

Age: ___________

Contact Number: ___________________

Mail I.D:______________________

Please Mark the Right Option:

Q1.What interests you in using the web?

a. for personal knowledge

b. for official purpose

c. filling requirements at times of need

Q2.What draws your attention first while using the web?

  1. Firstly, I was amazed as anything that I want could be obtained within a click
  2. Thought just to try it once.
  3. Started it seeing everyone interested on it.

Q3. Up to what level are you familiar with working over the net?

a. I have the web knowledge till school level

b. I have no knowledge in web using

c. I am very much accustomed with it

Q4. Does the web satisfy your purpose?

a. It always does

b. It never does

c. sometimes yes sometimes no, depends!

Q5. While browsing web on which part do you usually face usability problems?

a. At the very first part

b. at the middle

c. I do not now how to finally end it up

Q6. What makes you interested in browsing the websites?

a. Easy way to reach at things which you are looking for

b. A sort of entertainment and time pass.

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