Web Redesign Questionnaire

Companies create websites to have an online presence on the internet and so that the customers can find various details about the company directly on the web without visiting a store. A web redesign questionnaire helps to know the requirements of the company for redesign like rebranding, new products and services, competition, etc and helps to develop a website accordingly.

Sample Web redesign questionnaire:

Name of the representative:                 _____________________________

Address of the representative:       _____________________________

Contact Number:                         _____________________________

Email address:                    _____________________________

Industry:                            _____________________________

Q1:  Please provide the name of your company along with its website address


Q2: Please provide the purpose of building a website. How does it serve a purpose?


Q3: How long did you have a website?

a)   More than 5 years

b)   Between 2-5 years

c)   Between 1-2 years

d)   Less than a year

Q4: By when do you want to come up with the new overhaul in the website?


Q5: What are the parameters that will decide the successful launch of the website?


Q6: Whom do you want to allocate the task of bringing changes to your company website?

a)   Internal web developers

b)   Outsourcing to external parties

Q7: What is the expect cost to the company for redesigning your company website?


Q8: What are the reasons for which you want to bring about a change in the website?


Q9: What are the weaknesses in the current form of the website?


Q10: What are the three most major changes expected out of the project of redesigning the website?


Q10: How often are company updates done on the website?

a)   Everyday

b)   Once in a week

c)   Once in a fortnight

d)   Once in a month

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