Web Questionnaire Questions

A web questionnaire is developed to understand the requirements of the client wishing to either develop a website or an online project. A web questionnaire is a handy tool to get a better understanding of what the client aims to achieve from the website. The web questionnaire questions should precise and easy to understand. They must cover all the aspects needed in order to aid the web site development according to the needs of the client.

Web Questionnaire Questions Sample

Name of company: _______________________________________

Email: ___________________________________________________

Location: __________________________________________________

Contac Number(s) _____________________________________

Q1: What is the aim of your website?

  • Entertainment
  • Informative/ Educational
  • Product/ Service Description
  • Other (Please specify) __________________________________

Q2: Who is your target audience?

  • Business associates
  • Clients
  • Youngsters
  • Children
  • Other (Please Specify)

Q3: What is your budget for the entire website project?


Q4: Are there any kind of special logo or graphics that you wish to include?

  • Yes (If yes, furnish them before starting of the project)
  • No

Q5:  Are there any special features or requirements that you wish to incorporate in the website?

  • Yes (Please specify)_________________________________________
  • No

Q6: Are there any specific conditions regarding the access of the website or do you wish to make it accessible to everyone globally?

  • Restricted access
  • Unrestricted access

Q7: How did you find out about our company services?

  • Through a friend
  • Through advertisement in newspaper/ television
  • While searching online

Q8: Other comments regarding our work or your project? Please specify


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